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Kurrajong Australian Native Foods currently exports under our parent company The Wild Hibiscus Flower Company Pty Ltd. In 2008 we currently only export our Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup, which is available in 30 countries.Wild Hibiscus Flowers perfect for export! We export in 11 flower retail size and 50 flower catering size glass jars and probably have a retailer near you.

We are the original inventor and creator of Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup, first produced by Lee Etherington 11 years ago. Our production volume, quality, HACCP certified manufacturing facility(commissioned January 2008) and innovation with Wild Hibiscus is far ahead of the few copy products attempting to enter the market. We also have comprehensive customised marketing and sales support systems for most of the countries we work in.

Wild Hibiscus Flowers are particularly well suited to export as it has a long shelf life of 2 years and has tremendous appeal to any culture that enjoys Champagne with friends and a great party atmosphere! The phenomenal word of mouth appeal of this product saw it jump to number 3 in the top ten best sellers of a national UK company that carrys nearly 4000 items -all with no advertising apart from an internal newsletter and brochure!

Above Right: Any culture where Champagne is enjoyed will love our Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup!

If you would like to discuss import or sales of our products in your country we would love to hear from you. Please email Lee Etheirngton, our managing director wow@bushtuckershop.com to discuss.

The following are links to our distributors outside of Australia

UK wholesale: Kikapu Limited in London Phone Mr Binay Shah 020 8903 3431 http://www.kikapu.net or email binay@kikapu.net

UK consumer Lakeland Limited stores (40 across the UK) www.lakelandlimited.co.uk & through Harvey Nichols www.harveynichols.com  You can order online through Lakeland or www.realindulgence.com

Germany, Austria & Switzerland: New World Gourmet. www.wildhibiscus.de Contact: Mr Danny Lutzemann

New Zealand: Christine West from the Herb and Spice Mill www.herbandspicemill.co.nz . They supply around 400 retailers across the north and south island of New Zealand.

USA: We have our own distribution company in the USA based in California. Please contact our US team leader Mr Chris Muir on free call 1-800-499-8490 or visit www.wildhibiscus.com for more information. Email: usa@wildhibiscus.com

Canada: Designer Cocktail Company www.designercocktail.com contact Ms Danielle Tatarin on 1-800-961-0249 in Vancouver but also has distribution centers in Toronto and Montreal.

Wild hibiscus Flower Company Lee Etherington London ShowWe also have distribution in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Mauritius, Tahiti, South Africa & Ireland. Please contact us for more information on these countries, we would be happy to help you.

For further information about our products or to enter negotiations please email Lee wow@bushtuckershop.com with the subject line 'export'. Unfortunately most of our products are not able to be produced in large quantities due to the extremely rare nature & high percentage weight of the fruit we use in our recipes.

Wild Hibiscus Flower Company
Unit 1&2/68 Industry Road
McGraths Hill
NSW  2756
Phone: +61 2 4577 8711
Fax: +61 2 4577 8722
Email: wow@bushtuckershop.com




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