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Scruptious Native Fruit Jams

Lilli Pilli Conserve 120g



Lilli Pilli Conserve 120g

Tasting Notes: This bright pink, whole berry conserve has a sweet apple & cinnamon flavour. It also has subtle notes of clove. A sweet but surprisingly refreshing conserve with a lot of whole berries suspended throughout, sure to please the berry conserve fan!

Natural History: Our first every product! Lilli Pilli Conserve is made from the whole berries of the Magenta Cherry Syzigium australe and the Riberry Syzigium leuhmannii commonly known as Lilli Pilli's. A common garden plant due to their attractive foliage and evergreen nature, there are many different varieties of Lilli Pilli and even a suburb in Sydney named after the trees! Lilli Pilli's grow all along our east coast and mountain streams.

We grow most of our own Lilli Pilli trees at Kurrajong 60km north west of Sydney where the two species are used to achieve the required flavour, colour and delicious cinnamon aroma. Often the trees fruit so heavily that their branches break but as with many native species some years they will not produce a single mature berry! You can see where we grow the berries, the yellow dot on the map, the red region is the natural range of the two Lilli Pilli's that we use. Below Left is a picture of our Lilli Pilli trees in fruit, Spectacular!

Cultural History: Lilli Pilli's were definately an important tree for Aboriginal people all along the east coast. The sweet berries would have made a refreshing snack as they are crisp and very juicy when picked fresh. They can also be dried and stored for a considerable time, used as a spice and flavouring for many different foods. The flowers were also sused as a source of nectar and pollen and native bee's could be tracked from the flowering trees back to their nearby nests for some precious 'sugarbag' or native bee honey. The fiberous inner bark of the tree could also be used to make string.

Ingredients: Lilli Pilli Berries (Magenta Cherry and Riberry), Cane Sugar, Apple, fresh Lemon Juice, Citrus Pectin.

Using Lilli Pilli Conserve: Use wherever you would use a sweet berry conserve, delicious on toast, over icecream, on pancakes and as a topping or filling for cakes and desserts. Not suitable for savory applications.

Made By: Kurrajong Native Foods

Storage: Up to 2 years unopened as per best before date on jar in a cool dry place, Regrigerate once opened

Other Lilli Pilli Creations: Lilli Pilli Conserve 50g, 120g, 230g & 1100g sizes. (Lilli Pilli Schnapps made but not for sale! ;)

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