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Our Product Ranges & Ingredients

We are the original, Australian owned, Wild Hibiscus Flower Company - home also to Kurrajong Australian Native Foods (The Bushtucker Shop)  - our first boutique food business that gave the inspiration for us to create the the original Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup which has now gained international recognition.

Since our humble beginnings in 1998 we have been makers and innovators of all-natural specialty foods for delicious and unique food and beverages. 

Kurrajong Australian Native Foods began after we saw a demand for gourmet products made from Australian native foods. We would cook up ideas in our home kitchen to serve guests on our tour business at the time which focused on native bushfoods.  Soon enough we realised people loved the produce. 

Our customers wanted to buy more for themselves and as gifts for their friends and family in Australia and abroad.

We realised pretty soon our passion was also in food and so began our journey to today.  You can read more about our story here!



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