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The site you are on now is an Australian online store. 

All shipping and charges are from Australia and in $AUD.

Shipping to other other countries is possible - please read below.



Shopping Wild Hibiscus Flower Company Products?

  • Please first refer to our International Contacts Page to identify any international distributors for your country.

  • This will avoid high international shipping charges from our Australian online store potential issues listed above.

Shopping our Kurrajong Australian Native Foods Products?

These products are only available from this Australian online store.   You are welcome to place an order and also include Wild Hibiscus products but all international orders are subject to the following important conditions.  By shopping online you agree to these conditions:

  • All prices on this store are in $AUD.  To determine price in your currency you can calculate conversion at

  • We retain the right to cancel your order in part of full (with a refund) depending on items ordered. For example, we cannot ship some products due to increased risk of breakage such as 50 flower jars of Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup and catering size jams. 

  • If you place an order we will endeavour to get it delivered promptly and without issue.  However if there is a foreseeable problem with delivery we will be in contact with you immediately and where required a full refund will be issued.

  • Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery Policy for more important information about international orders.

  • Interception of your order by customs at point of entry to your country is beyond our control and therefore we are not responsible for your order being withheld (refund not eligible).

  • We will always endeavour to refer you to a local supplier (if available) for the same products you have ordered to help minimise costs and make your shipping a more simple process. 

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