Flower Extracts

b'Lure and Flower Extracts

About Our Flower Extracts

  • 0% Alcohol
  • Heat Stable in Cooking
  • Economical
  • High Concentrate
  • 2 year shelf life (Keep refrigerated once opened)
  • Handmade in Small Batches
  • Premium Quality
  • Kosher Certified
  • Certified HACCP Food Safe  


Hibiscus Flowers - Butterfly Pea Flowers - Bulgarian Roses

b'Lure Brand Flower Extracts

These products are an innovative new product line from Wild Hibiscus Flower Company using the color pigment and flavor featuring three delicious flowers:

  • The berry-like Hibiscus Flowers - Red
  • Sensual Bulgarian Rose+Hibiscus Flowers - Pink
  • Mystical and alluring Butterfly Pea Flower - Blue with natural color change to Purple 

We have done the hard work for you by sourcing, gathering and extracting the flowers and making the products ready to use in a handy glass dropper bottle (100ml / 3.4 fl Oz Net).

In fact, b'Lure is the world's first liquid butterfly pea flower extract produced and ready to use for the food and cocktail industry. Visit the b'Lure website for more information.

Serving suggestions

Flower Extracts can be used like a bitters - just a few drops per cocktail for vibrant color and flavor.  

Just add 2-3 dashes per drink.  You can create 30+ cocktails per bottle.

Another great idea is to jazz up you bottle or glass of water for a new taste and color experience.

In Food: Frosting, Icing, Cakes, Deserts, Macaroons, etc 

In Beverages: Get creative with coloring and ice, molecular mixology, foams, liquor infusions, jelly layers, shots, 2-part drink presentations, plate paint, atomizer sprays, etc 


Visit our friends at MolecularRecipes.com

They have been very creative with our Flower Extracts!