Native Fruit Jams & Conserves

Who would have thought that our Australian bush has so much colour and flavour to offer.  They really do deserve to be at our tables.

Whether you love jam on your scones, toast or crumpets, boosting flavours in your desserts or if you like to get adventurous using jams as a glaze on meats, we have a great range of interesting and delicious flavours for you to try.

These products make excellent substitutes for your run of the mill supermarket jams in the pantry.  They are also very high in the native fruit and nut ingredients of the products so you really are getting something different and we have made the recipe just right to maintain colour and flavour.

Being truly Australian they also make excellent gifts and Christmas stocking stuffers, especially for overseas visitors, family and friends.  Most of our products in this range come in a variety of sizes (mini, medium, large and the addicts or catering jar!).

Click on the products above for more information including the cultural and natural history of each bushfood.