Lilli Pilli Conserve


Our first ever product! Lilli Pilli has a wonderful apple and cinnamon flavour with a hint of clove. Contains whole berries and is a bright pink colour. It also has subtle notes of clove.

A sweet but surprisingly refreshing conserve with a lot of whole berries suspended throughout, sure to please the berry conserve fan!

Use wherever you would use a sweet berry conserve, delicious on toast, over ice-cream, on pancakes and as a topping or filling for cakes and desserts.

Not suitable for savoury applications.

Ingredients: Lilli Pilli berries (magenta cherry and riberry), cane sugar, apple, fresh lemon juice, citrus pectin.

Up to 2 years unopened as per best before date on jar in a cool dry place.

Refrigerate once opened.

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