About Australian Bushfoods

Aniseed Myrtle

Bush Tomatoes

Davidsons (Rainforest) Plum

Forest Berry Herb

Finger Limes

Lemon Myrtle

Lilli Pilli

Mountain Pepper

Native Mint


Hibiscus (Rosella) Flowers



At Kurrajong Australian Native Foods, we use a variety of Australian native foods which each have their own natural and cultural history.  Australia's native bushfoods truly are special with the valuable nutritional and medicinal qualities sought after and so well understood by the Aboriginal people across the land.  Our range of bushfood books provide a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Today we use native herbs, spices, fruits and nuts to create unique jams, conserves, sauces, spices and seasonings to bring the bush to your table in gourmet style.  Our products have a very high percentage of the native ingredients which are sourced from sustainable growers in many regions of Australia for the best quality and taste.

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Australian Bushfoods