Desert Quandong Jam


Our Desert Quandong Jam is one of the most popular and addictive products with a smooth and very rich peachy-apricot flavour enhanced by the addition of Buderim Ginger which brings out the more subtle characteristics of the Quandong and adds a great depth to the experience.

A strong, rich and deliciously sweet spread of Desert Quandong fruit from Australia's Outback. Quandong has a peach, apricot and ginger flavour. Best on crumpets and ice-cream

Use as a jam on hot crumpets or toast in the morning, drizzle over ice cream in the evening! delicious over waffles or pancakes. Use as a baste on lamb or pork or as a feature in a tart or flan.

Ingredients: Quandong fruit 38%, cane sugar, ginger 11%, blue mountains spring water, citrus pectin.

Store up to 2 years (refer to best before date on bottle) in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening as there are no preservatives used.


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