Bush Tomato Whole


    BACK IN STOCK & FRESH FROM THE CENTRAL DESERTS! We are very thankful to our Aboriginal suppliers in the central deserts around Alice Springs for sending us a huge shipment of Bush Tomatoes! Thanks to the rains in late 2019 and early 2020 there we now have plenty of Akatjurra, Solanum centrale in stock and ready to ship.

    These Bush Tomatoes are hand harvested by Aboriginal People in the Northern Territory on their traditional lands just as they have been for thousands of years. They are the flavour of Australia's Red Centre and there is nothing else like them anywhere. Bush Tomato has a strong pungent tomato flavour and aroma. Whole they have a fresher more pungent flavour and aroma and are have the consistency of hard dates, with a high oil content.

    Much stronger and less acid than sun dried tomato with other sweeter characteristics reminiscent of caramel and tamarillo. A little salt can be added to counter any bitterness caused by its strength.

    Use to make for a pungent snack or accompaniment to a cheese platter either whole, crushed or reconstituted in olive oil. They can be ground up to make Akatjurra for use in all sorts of recipes wherever cheese or tomato are a feature. Flavour matures on standing or prolonged cooking.

    Whole Bush Tomatoes can be eaten by themselves as a pungent flavour quencher similar to an olive. They are great if allowed to soak for a few weeks in olive oil where they reconstitute and also infuse the oil with their aroma. Try with a cheese platter roughly chopped or grind in a mortar and pestle to make your own fresh Akatjurra.

    Particularly suited to savoury applications such as relish', chutneys, sauces, stuffing or crusting. Use at about 4% addition ratio to flavour your usual tomato recipes such as pasta sauces, pizza base' etc. to add the distinctive flavour of Akatjurra. Can also be used to make a delicious dip, use sour cream base and a packet or two of good dried tomato soup, some fresh chopped basil. Add a tbsp or two of Akatjurra, allow to sit overnight to mature and you will have a dip that everyone will rave about!

    Ingredients: Whole Bush Tomatoes (100%) Solanum centrale

    Store in a cool dry dark place. Can be frozen for prolonged storage.

    Occasionally (1 in 100 jars) you may get a single moth larvae grow in the jar. This is due to the chemical free, organic nature of the growing conditions of the Bush Tomato. If this happens simply remove the grub, it is totally harmless and any web. The remaining Akatjurra will be unaffected or you can call us.


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