Pepperberries Whole


Pepperberries are a very special spice. It’s not just their spectacular bright purple colour that makes them special but their intense heat, versatility and ability to make the most flavoursome and colourful pepper steak! They have a heat between pepper and chili but much more complex, almost sweet in both aroma and effect on the palate. 

These whole dried native Pepperberries are perfect for your pepper mill or grinder at home. Can also be ground up to a spice or reconstituted where their dark purple colour bleeds beautifully through a cream sauce for steaks or pasta. They add little purple flecks to whatever food you add them to (looks great on fish) and add their aromatic fruity heat similar to medium chili that makes them a necessity in any foodies kitchen.  Use in casseroles, seasonings and meat rubs.

Ingredients: Mountain Pepperberries (100%)

Up to 18 months as per best before date on jar in a cool dry place.

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