Bush Tomato & Mountain Pepper Seasoning


    This is our most popular seasoning with the mild heat of the Mountain Pepper and a strong Cajun style aroma and flavour of the Bush Tomato, hand harvested by Aboriginal people on their traditional lands in the central deserts of Australia.

    Best on scrambled eggs or anything with cheese or tomato. Also great with red meats, steamed vegies, potato wedges and even popcorn! Throw some in your bolognaise sauce to make it something special. You'll end up using this seasoning everywhere and won’t be able to live without it in the kitchen.

    Contains NO MSG.

    Ingredients: salt, Bush Tomato, Mountain Pepper, garlic, herbs and spices.

    Packaged in a pvc resealable shaker for easy use.  

    Store in a cool dark dry place. Can be frozen for prolonged storage. Occasionally (1 in 100 jars) you may get a single moth larvae grow in the jar. This is due to the chemical free, organic nature of the growing conditions of the Bush Tomato. If this happens simply remove the grub, it is totally harmless and any web. The remaining seasoning will be unaffected.


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