Wild Peach (Quandong) Chutney



A rich and spicy fruit chutney with the peachy apricot flavour of the Desert Quandong. A tiny hint of chili makes this chutney very versatile, great mixed through with sour cream or cream cheese to make a spicy dip.

Chutney fans will not be disappointed with this most complex of chutneys. This recipe took 5 weeks of painstaking development and remains our most complex recipe.

This spicy Wild Peach Chutney is wonderful as a side serve, on crackers or mixed through sour cream or cream cheese to make a super tasty dip. Use it anywhere you would like a spicy and rich chutney with the strong peachy-apricot flavour of the Desert Quandong.

Wonderful on Samosas, curry & especially suited to serving with Kangaroo and other game meats.

Great with wafer crisp breads for morning tea. Also use on the side with meals, with samosas, curries and anywhere you would like a fruity, spicy and rich flavoured chutney.

Ingredients: Quandong fruit (40%), green apples, brown sugar, onion, raisins, vinegar, pickling spices, Lemon Myrtle, Forest Berry Herb, Mountain Pepper, sea salt, cloves.

Packaged in a glass jars.  

Up to 18 months as per best before date on bottle, best stored in refrigerator. Refrigerate once opened & use within 6 weeks as no preservatives are used.

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