The Hospitality, Events, Food and Beverage Industry

Wild Hibiscus Flower Company Products are used throughout discerning venues and events.
They really add a touch of class to unique stand-out menu items. 

Professions who love Wild Hibiscus
 Emilio Tiburcio is one of the best mixologistas of Las Vegas and has used Wild Hibiscus for years. 
Below, Emilio is creating liquid art with Wild Hibiscus at Tales of the Cocktail.
Wild Hibiscus at The Bar

The Fun Lovers and Party Goers

Nothing says fun like a flower in your Champagne!  A real talking point and fun way to celebrate and enjoy time with friends.
Cocktail Cheers Fun Girls
Foodies and Cocktail Lovers

The Foodies & Cocktail Lovers

The answer to many people's question about the Hibiscus Flowers...YES, you eat the flower!
Its delicious and tastes similar to rhubarb and raspberry or mixed berries. 
Eat the Flower Eat The Flower
Eat the Hibiscus flower

The Wedding Planners

It's the detail and finishing touches that makes a wedding that perfect day.  Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup have been enjoyed at weddings across the globe for years. They are fun, classy, delicious and beautiful and above all, memorable!  All the right qualities to compliment a wedding toast, specialty bridal party cocktail or favors for guests.Use Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Champagne, cocktails, desserts and appetizers.  

There is the classic Hibiscus Flower in Champagne or have the caterers make your guests one of our cocktail recipes.

Our catering size Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup is great for weddings.

Wild Hibiscus Bride Wild Hibsicus Wedding Cake
Wild Hibiscus Wedding

The Socialites

Afternoon tea and social gatherings can be made just that extra bit special when Wild Hibiscus is on the menu whether its self catered at home with friends or at a gorgeous High Tea venue like The Tea Room QVB pictured below. 
Wild Hibiscus Macaroons High Tea Hibiscus High Tea
Cocktails at high tea

The Kids

Kids absolutely love Wild Hibiscus Flowers and flower drinks  - especially a candied hibiscus flower in their lemonade, on their ice-cream or simply eaten on its own for a sweet treat.
Give them some Flower Extracts to experiment with color and flavor.
All of our products are 0% alcohol and 100% natural.
Kids Love Wild Hibiscus Kids Love Wild Hibiscus
Kids love hibiscu