Whole Butterfly Pea Flowers 57g


Butterfly Pea flowers Clitoria ternatea are fascinating blue flowers which work as a natural food and drinks dye and will magically change colour to pink and purple when lime or lemon juice is added!

This bag contains around 1,000 individually hand picked flowers grown on our plantations in central and northern Thailand. A little bit goes a long way use them to make blue, purple and pink drinks and magical colour change ice.

Simply add to hot water and allow to cool to room temperature then freeze in ice cube trays. As the ice melts in a cocktail or lemonade for the kids the blue ice will melt to pink!

You can also add some to rice or noodles to make blue food! Add some to a bottle of vodka or gin to make your very own colour change liquor.

Make a simple syrup by placing 1 tbs of flowers in 1 cup of boiled water. Add 1 cup of sugar and stir until dissolved and allow to cool. You can strain out the flowers and this colour change syrup will keep in the fridge for a few weeks.

Wild Hibiscus Flower Company founder Lee Etherington was the first to develop this amazing blue colour changing flower for the international market way back in 2011. Lee's Thai company Siam Hibiscus Limited has an office in Bangkok and a factory in central Thailand where the flowers are grown, dried, graded and go through a special 3 stage drying process Lee developed which gives our flowers a 3 year shelf life. Today Siam Hibiscus is the worlds largest supplier of Butterfly Pea flowers and exports all over the world.

Butterfly Pea flowers grow on a vine and in our plantations we grow them on bamboo trellaces or pyramid frames depending on the locality. No sprays are used and the plant is a legume so creates its own fertilizer from the air!

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