Calafea Horse Oil 30ml Tester


Tried everything else for Qld Itch and nothing worked? Spent $ thousands & nothing worked? Sick of getting the vet out for $350 Cortisone injections? Greasy Heel? Rain Scald?

CALAFEA is the 100% natural solution. If in doubt read our customer reviews below.

We are so confident that you will simply LOVE the results from Calafea Oil that we will give you a FREE 30ml tester to apply to your beloved horse and see the results for yourself. We will even pay for the shipping for you if you enter the code LOVECALAFEA at checkout.

We understand our customers and we know their horses (and dogs) issues. Once you experience what Calafea can do for your animals health and well being Calafea will become part of your kit & tack room for life and we really appreciate that relationship and we LOVE being able to help heal your beloved furry friends.

Please have a read through our reviews and have a look at our facebook page to see why Calafea is the oil horse owners LOVE.

Please in return share your experience as we have been gagged by the government on what we can tell you about how to use it and how to apply it but they cannot stop you from telling each other ;)

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