Finger Lime Marmalade


Just cracking open the jar of Finger Lime Marmalade starts your mouth watering as the aroma fills the kitchen and pre-empts your taste buds... Wonderfully strong flavoured, bitter and aromatic making a complete Marmalade experience unparalleled by anything before it. We have had professional tasters spend over 10 minutes just savouring the aroma, depth of flavour and characteristics of this product.

There is no more discerning foodie than the Marmalade Fanatic, and we have to say they are all enthralled with this creation! Strong, Wonderfully Aromatic and Bitter, like a real marmalade should be.

The worlds first commercial Finger Lime Marmalade this recipe took 6 frustrating weeks to develop but is well worth it. Each jar contains painstakingly sliced 'wheels' of Finger Lime skin 1.5mm thick.... Definitely the Foodies Choice!

Memorable Quotes: "Oh - Divine!" Heard at every event and market done since its inception, typically uttered by a discerning Foodie.

A signature creation of Lee Etherington, "I just love working with the Finger Lime... endlessly versatile and such wonderful flavour and aroma. I am very proud of my Finger Lime Marmalade being the first commercial product of its kind".

Perfect compliment for a Sourdough or Rye toast in the morning, it will overpower wussy white bread so go for stronger bodied breads.

Also used as a spicy chutney, baste on duck in the last 15 minutes of cooking or as a starter in stir fry. Use as the flavour in a spicy sauce or syrup & can be used a substitute for tamarind paste in Asian style cooking.

Ingredients: Finger Limes Citrus australasica(24%), Fresh Lime juice, Cane Sugar, Fresh Lemon Juice, Lemon Myrtle, Citrus Pectin.

Store for up to 2 years unopened as per best before date on bottle, no need to refrigerate once open.

This product actually improves with ageing. Each year we release 18month old Finger Lime marmalade at our Christmas markets. The flavour is has enormous depth and complexity and is a very dark colour.


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