Bush Tomato Ground


Akatjurra is the Aboriginal name for ground Bush Tomato, harvested for us by the Alyawarra Aboriginal tribe in the Northern Territory.

Akatjurra has a strong sun dried tomato, caramel and tamarillo flavour and aroma.

Delicious in recipes with tomato, cheese or eggs.

Can be used as a dukkha or crusting.

Bush Tomato Ground (100%)

Store in a cool dark dry place. Can be frozen for prolonged storage.

Occasionally (1 in 200 jars) you may get a single moth larvae grow in the jar. This is due to the chemical free, organic nature of the growing conditions of the Bush Tomato. If this happens simply remove the grub, it is totally harmless and any web. The remaining Akatjurra will be unaffected or you can call us and we will replace your product.

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