Butterfly Pea Flowers Dried (Bulk)


*Due to effects of COVID-19 on our farmers and their operations in Thailand and freight costs going up 40% due to Sydney port congestion sorry but we have had to increase our price. Our farmers have replanted our fields of BP flowers and hoping to bring the price down in 2021 - lee.

*New Stock has arrived 22 December :)

Wild Hibiscus Flower Company founder Lee Etherington was the first to develop this amazing blue colour changing flower for the international market way back in 2011. Lee's Thai company Siam Hibiscus Limited has an office in Bangkok and a factory in central Thailand where the flowers are grown, dried, graded and go through a special 3 stage drying process Lee developed which uniquely gives our flowers a 3 year shelf life vs the traditional Thai way which gives a shelf life of 6-10 months. Today Siam Hibiscus is the worlds largest supplier of Butterfly Pea flowers.

We supply bulk dried Butterfly Pea Flowers in whole or ground forms. We also make a superfine blue matcha tea powder.

Perfect for larger scale production of syrups, teas, beverages and foods using blue flowers.

If you are interested in larger quantities, please contact us with a wholesale inquiry. 

(Please note whole flowers are charged based on volume if needing express post)

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