Davidsons Plum Jam


A wonderfully tart and rich jam made from the Davidsons Rainforest Plum. This tangy, tart & rich jam is for those who are looking for a little kick in the morning. Definitely not sweet, the experience starts with the wonderful dark burgundy/crimson/purple colour and once tasted a delicious tang travels from the tip of your tongue to the back of your palate, followed by a development of the flavour and then another tingle comes from the back of your palate to the front!

Quite different to your typical supermarket jams, an experience that keeps people coming back for more and more. Wonderful on ice-cream or swirl through a plain yogurt.

This jam gives two waves of flavour that run up and down your palate tingling all the way! An all-time favourite on toast or spooned over muesli in the morning or swirl through some plain yoghurt for a real treat.

Delicious on scones, crepes and pancakes, toast and even bread with cream! You must try it on ice-cream, also great drizzled over fruit salad instead of icing sugar. Has been used as a baste and is a wonderful addition to tarts, cheesecake and other rich desserts where a bit of tang would add to the experience. Try it swirled through plain yogurt & proprietor Lee loves a dollop on the top of muesli in the morning!

Ingredients: Davidsons Rainforest Plums(48%) (Davidsonia pruriens),cane sugar, citrus pectin.

Store up to 2 years (refer to best before date on bottle) in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening as there are no preservatives used.


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