Flower Extracts Trio 3 x 100ml

$30.36 $33.00

These products are our cutting edge 100% natural flower extracts for cocktail and food use. Presented in a beautiful gift box complete with cocktail recipes to get you started! Make your own craft cocktails at home with no mess, no fuss and no special skills required.

Each 100ml bottle will make 20-30 cocktails so they are SUPER cost effective and fun to play with.

Add to water, cocktails, mocktails, ice cubes and for plating foods or as an ingredient/colourant.

SAVE 20% when you buy all three! Give them a try.

The sublime trio features:

  • The berry-like Hibiscus Flowers - Red
  • Sensual Bulgarian Rose+Hibiscus Flowers - Pink
  • Mystical and alluring Butterfly Pea Flower - Blue with natural color change to Purple
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Flower Extract Trio 


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