Wattleseed Roast & Ground


A rare native spice that is versatile and uniquely Australian. Wattleseed has strong coffee, chocolate and hazelnut aroma and flavour.

Makes a good caffeine free coffee substitute and then use the grounds to flavour ice-cream, biscuits, bread and countless other variations. Our Wattleseed is a fine ground, extra dark roast to provide maximum flavour and dispersion in your cooking.

Memorable Quotes: "Your Wattleseed is fabulous, Very strong flavoured and rich -I love it!" Andrew -Chief Baker at the Common Ground Bakery & Cafe, Rosella.

Used in creamy foods like icecream it will impart a more chocolate and hazelnut flavour, used in baking and liquids you will get a more coffee and hazelnut effect. Endlessly versatile, use in the same concentration as you would cinnamon, just a pinch for some mild flavour, more for a complete aromatic effect.

Use to flavour bread (1tbs/1kg loaf), icecream, biscuits, pastries, cream, scones, pancakes or anywhere you would like a coffee and hazelnut effect. Use in a similar concentration to cinnamon, only a little goes a long way and the flavour will enhance with cooking or allowing to sit as more flavour will be brought out of the grounds.

Can be used twice if the first time you allow to sit in freshly boiled water, this liquid can then be used to flavour one recipe or enjoyed as a caffeine free coffee (1-1.5tsp per person). Then use the grounds to flavour another recipe such as Wattleseed icecream, just mix through your favourite vanilla icecream, a surprisingly delicious and simple treat.

Ingredients: Dark roasted, fine ground Wattleseed (Acacia victoriae) (100%)

Store in a cool, dry & dark place.

Will last for 2 years with some flavour loss noticeable after 12 months where the grounds can be lightly roasted under the griller to bring them back to almost full strength.

Grounds can also be frozen for up to 3 years with no loss of flavour.


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