Calafea Horse Oil



Calafea is a 100% natural product that horse owners LOVE.

Calafea Shampoo coming August 2020!

We have a 100% 5 Star rating from our customers for a reason. We have been told by some boffins in Canberra that we are unable to tell you why horse owners LOVE Calafea or even how to apply it! But it does make for shiny happy horse's which smell great! And shiny happy horses means shiny happy horse owners ;)

Please read the reviews here and on our Facebook page of Calafea submitted by our fastidious customers.  Decide for yourself if Calafea is suitable for your application because free speech from horse owners telling other horse owners why they love our product is simply unstoppable!
We do not pay for reviews and we welcome and encourage any feedback.
2L and 5L now include the 30ml pump FREE so you can refill your smaller bottles.

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