"Exoticube" April 14, 2015 22:34

Recipe by Tiphaine Campet, ChezPeune.com, Creatrice/Stylste Culinqire. www.artetcuisine.fr
Serves 11


11 Wild Hibiscus Flowers

100 ml of coconut juice

2 purple colorant drops (use also b'Lure as a natural alternative)

1g agar-agar


Wash the hibiscus flower with spring water. Arrange them in a silicone tin.

Boil 100ml of coconut juice with the purple colorant.

Add 1% (about 1g) of agar-agar to that mix and whip.

Pour on the flowers and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Enjoy eating the Exoticube along with a cocktail or an alcohol shot.