"Le Daiquiri Louisiane" Cocktail July 15, 2015 07:30

Recipe By: Nathan Gillespie, Head Bartender, The Earlsdon Cottage, Coventry, West Midlands
Makes 1 Cocktail
This recipe was submitted as part of the official Tales Of the Cocktail Competition 2015, New Orleans, LA, USA  

Glass Used: Hurricane


2 oz Vanilla infused Gosling Black Seal 151

¾ oz Wild Hibiscus Flower Syrup

¾ oz fresh lime

2 dashes of West Indian orange bitters

2 oz Passion fruit purée


  1. Chill a hurricane glass
  2. Pour in to a blender with scoop of crushed ice
  3. Blend until a slushy constancy.
  4. Empty the hurricane.
  5. Pour the slush into the chilled hurricane.
  6. Place an hibiscus flower facing towards the customer.
  7. Place the straw next to the flower.
  8. Release the oils of the lime rind and place next to the flower.
  9. Using a mister with vanilla infused gosling inside to spray above the flower and the straw.
  10. Enjoy.


Hibiscus flower and a twisted Lime rind followed by Vanilla infused Gosling 151 sprayed through a mister over the top of the drink


The inspiration behind this drink comes from various ideas and playing around the name I have used is French and from terrible understanding of American history I have, I know New Orleans has a strong French connection, having infused goslings 151 rum with vanilla a lot over of the last few years this makes a great rum to use the vanilla helps take the edge of the strength of alcohol and allows to highlight the elegance of Bermudas finest export. Hibiscus is a great flavor and is much become a huge hit around the world the flavor of the syrup works in greatly with the vanilla. la fee Indian orange bitters are used to help bring together the citrus and the natural sugars of the drinks. Whilst passion fruit not only works with Vanilla and hibiscus it is highly refreshing and helps soothes the blistering heat of the New Orleans sun. The flavors I have used help take a truly great classic and add an extra dimension to the drink. The following ingredients I have used are easily accessible in New Orleans. I hope the judges of Tales of the Cocktail® enjoy my Daiquiri.