"Roses for Laura" Cocktail July 14, 2015 04:30

Recipe By: Francesco Desideri, Corp Bar Director, Florian Caffe, New York city, NY
Makes 1 Cocktail
This recipe was submitted as part of the official Tales Of the Cocktail Competition 2015, New Orleans, LA, USA  

Glass Used: Hurricanes glass


2 oz Bacardi USA

1 oz Rose + Hibiscus Flower Extract

2 oz peach pure

3 oz cranberry juice

2 Fabbri Amarena cherry

1 Wild Hibiscus Flower


Muddle the cherry in the serving glass. Blend the ingredients with crush ice.


Hibiscus flower on top


Spring & summer season, beauty and sexuality, elixir with a female touch.

Inspired by the exotic botanical garden with my girlfriend