"Snowed-in Hibiscus" April 14, 2015 22:31

Recipe by: Tiphaine Campet, ChezPrune.com, Creatrice/Styliste Culinaire
Serves 11

150g of fresh and creamy brillat-savarin (cheese)
11 Wild Hibiscus Flowers

40g of creamy blue cheese

1 spoon of Wild Hibiscus Flower Syrup

1 passion fruit


Smash with a fork the fresh Brillat-savarin with the blue cheese cream and the spoon of Wild Hibiscus Flower Syrup. Whisk to obtain a smooth texture. Take out the Wild Hibiscus Flowers from their syrup and drain them on an absorbent paper.

Stuff them with the creamy mix with a pastry bag of 2 little spoons.

Put the Snowed-in Flowers in an airtight box in the freezer during 2 hours before serving.

Just before serving, out of the freezer, add on the top of each flower 3 passion fruit seeds.

Serve and enjoy if frozen.

Snowed-in Hibiscus