Finger Lime & Pepperberry Glaze for Roast Meats April 2, 2015 23:21

Recipe by: Lee Etherington
Delicious as a baste on duck, pork and lamb this has a very strong flavour so use sparingly or to your preferred strength.


1 tbs Finger Lime Marmalade

1/2 teaspoon Ground Native Pepperberries

1 tbs Macadamia Nut (or olive) oil


Add all ingredients to a small stainless or other bowl stir well with small fork and allow to stand for an hour or so (this will allow the pepperberries to bleed the baste dark purple, otherwise just use immediately) baste over the meat in a very thin layer & roast away!

The wonderful aroma of the finger lime will infuse the meat, along with the heat of the pepperberries which add a delicious complexity of flavour.

Purely delightful on duck or other robust white meat, also goes well with roast lamb.

Pan juices will also be filled with these two delightful native flavours, use them to make an accompanying gravy or serving sauce. YUM!

The remaining baste can be used as a very strong dipping sauce / garnish at serving, for something extra special, squeeze some fresh Finger Lime flesh (lime caviar) over the servings as a finishing garnish.