Lee's Quickbite! Avocado & Tomato Sandwiches with Lemon Myrtle & Pepperberry Seasoning April 2, 2015 23:20

Recipe by: Lee Etherington
Serves 1
After cooking all day every day the last thing Lee Etherington, founder of Kurrajong Native Foods feels like doing is cooking at home. “I first came across this scrumptious combination after a 15 hour stint in the kitchen. In my exhausted state I just threw together what was on the bench at home and ended up with one of my all time favourites –Beats the BLT by a mile!”.


1/3 ripe avocado per ‘sanga

2/3 ripe tomato thick sliced and non-refrigerated

Fresh Soy-linseed bread (Helgas or Burgen brand)

Lemon Myrtle & Pepperberry Seasoning


Moosh the Avo on one slice of bread. Sprinkle well with the seasoning. Lay the tomato over right to the edges. Sprinkle with a tiny bit more seasoning.

Top with bread & hook into it! Repeat...